Our Possibilities

What can we do with 97 acres, an old farm house and a lot of hard work?  Anything!


Land and Animals

These two are so interconnected, I’ll take them together.  The health of the soil depends as much on the animal as the animal depends on it.  Managed properly, these two improve each other indefinitely. The animals give as much back to the ground as they take from it and the ground gives to the animals the improvement it has received from them. We call that sustainability.

the birds are a fantastic source of fertilizer
the birds are a fantastic source of fertilizer

We manage our pastures by rotating our livestock through it wisely. We hope to eventually raise 4 groups of 30 pigs each year and maintain 50 head of Angus while improving our soil.

Dave moves the farrowing hut into the new pasture for the pigs.
Dave moves the farrowing hut into the new pasture for the pigs.


Again, everything is connected.  We are interested in permaculture.   We want to see many different types of plants and animals existing together and benefiting from each other. We desire to nurture variety, hardiness and sustainability and share that with our community. We want to be productive instead of consumptive for the sheer joy of it.


Ponds, ponds and more ponds will improve productivity, provide additional food and draw a variety of beneficial organisms.

Our Family

How do you measure quality of life? We want our kids to grow up within the rhythm of the days and seasons, to know what it means to work hard and then partake in the abundance they have produced, to share that abundance and watch it benefit others. We want to cultivate in them a devotion to the simple goodness of life.


The Farm House


With so much satisfying farm work, it is hard to get excited over an old farmhouse that has seen only the barest of updates since it’s construction. But there is beauty in that, too–a return to simplicity, to knowing when enough is proper and when updating is merely distraction. For now, enough means an outhouse, primitive wiring, no insulation, and stones wrapped in towels for our feet in the unheated bedrooms. For now, enough is beautiful.

keeping warm as I work on the blog
keeping warm as I work on the blog

One Comment on “Our Possibilities

  1. Love love love your blog. What a great way to share your life and business with others. Here I was expecting to see a few posts and pictures and you already have this thing fully running like a well-oiled back-hoe. Great job. Keep ’em coming. Oh, and one more thing. Do let us all know about that ginger reduction concoction you made the other day. I bought my ginger but can’t find that recipe.

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