Two Healthy Drinks

Since the cold weather has prohibited gardening, and since I have a request from a reader,

I’ll write about an electrolyte drink I make for us in the summer as well as a tea we learned to make this winter.

In 2011, I visited Essex Farm  for a farm tour and an introduction to using draft horses in farming.


Mark introduced me to a great alternative to a sports drink. He filled a quart jar with water and added


2 T apple cider vinegar,

1T real maple syrup,

1/2t ginger powder,

1/4t salt.

It was spot hitting and has become a staple around our house. All the electrolyte goodness without all the unhealthy additives. Of course he didn’t measure the ingredients and neither do I, so you may find your own balance of ingredients to suit your taste.


A couple of months ago, my sister sent a link my way with a delicious tea recipe.  It is a yummy way to calm reflux. It calls for bay leaves, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and raw honey.


The recipe is explained in detail with beautiful illustrations, so enjoy looking at it here.

4 Comments on “Two Healthy Drinks

  1. Just got my bulk bay leaves, cinnamon sticks and cloves in the mail. Brewing tonight!

  2. Those look good! I’ll have to try them out. Thanks for posting!

  3. This reader appreciates both recipes. Thanks for posting! We’ll be trying both of them. 🙂

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