Summer/Fall Meat Availability–Beef, Pork, Lamb and Chicken

Beef – This is the first year we’ll have grassfed beef to sell.  Prices per pound hanging weight are $3.50 per side or $3.75 per quarter (the quarter will be a mix of cuts from the front and rear), plus butcher fees.  We will have to confirm butcher dates in late September, but we anticipate butchering in mid to late October.
photo by jill malouf

photo by jill malouf

Pork – We have a handful of pigs available in August, and then no pigs until February.  One of our good old sows died this spring, so we now have a gap in production.  We are working on purchasing a few piglets to fill any fall orders, so if you are interested, now is the time to let us know.  Pork prices remain at $3.50 per pound plus butchering fees for half and whole hogs.  We also anticipate having some smoked kielbasa and assortment packages available in the early summer.  More details are available on our pricing page.
the little guys in a new paddock

the little guys in a new paddock

Lamb – We are sold out for 2013. If you are thinking of ordering a lamb, let us know so we can plan for next year’s flock.  This year’s price was $5.00 per pound hanging weight. Next year’s prices will be in the same range.
Chicken – We are raising a few meat chickens for our own table this year.  Anyone interested in purchasing meat chickens please contact us soon.  If there is enough interest we will consider raising a second batch of birds.

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