How We Pasture

The word we like to use to describe our pork is pastured.  As soon as the winter snows are over and the fields begin to grow, we get our pigs out of their winter paddock where they have enjoyed a diet of whey, grain and hay and move them into the fields.  During the early stages, we prefer to use them to clear out any underbrush that has gotten out of control,


but by the beginning of May, we have them in the fields.


Our management of the fields is intensive.  We use a double strand electric polywire to fence a 50×50 ft section of pasture and move the pigs into a new area about every three days. We then come behind them and reseed with clover and forage brassicas. We sometimes use field peas, oats, or barley, depending on the season.

Bonar Rape

Bonar Rape

The first day the pigs graze the grass.


The second, they focus on rooting.

By the third day the pasture is mostly turned over.


Time for another paddock.

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