More Visitors

In summer our house seems to become a retreat center with all the guests we have. It is a lot of fun to show the farm to others and share work and meals.  This past weekend we got to meet some new friends (thanks again to the Rainbows). Katie is a lovely, practical domestic goddess and her husband is a middle school principal in New Jersey. They intend to start a school one day that is both high tech and agrarian. We worked and we played together.  Here you see all the… Read More

Eggs and Flour

Harry’s job this spring has been to collect eggs from the nest boxes. It’s a small job, but it helps him feel like he’s contributing to the farm. He is always sitting on the counter, cracking eggs and helping in any way he is allowed at breakfast. He was really excited when he learned that our bagel recipe calls for eight eggs. I received a wheat grinder as a wedding gift nine years ago, so I get to make freshly ground flour from the berries we purchase at Honest Weight Food Co-op…. Read More

Mucky Garden and Unwelcome Predator

The sun shone beautifully yesterday for the first time in a long time. Today we are back to steady rain with more and heavier in the forecast. We got our garden in a few weeks ago. Allie planted her row of strawberries. Despite the over abundance of water and the pesky hens’ attempts to scratch up the entire thing, the garden is growing. . . We’ve been taking armed midnight walks out to the chicken tractors to see if we can catch the critter that has been killing our birds.  15 of… Read More

Whey in the Pasture

A local cheese plant delivers 6000 gallons of whey at a time to our pigs. It comes off the truck steaming and is drained into three tanks we installed in early January. Below Dave is working on the fittings for the pipes. All we have to do is open a valve, and the whey is carried by pipes down the hill to the waiting trough where our pigs drink it at a rate of 6 gallons per pig per day. Besides the tenderizing effect of the whey on the pork, whey provides… Read More