Winter Quarters

With the first frosts behind us, we are making the transition from summer routines to winter preparation. We are butchering lambs, pigs and cattle this month, wrapping up our food processing and building the winter pig housing. The first year, we built a hoop house in our garden area, but I failed to get a picture of it. The second year, Dave built a dugout. This year, we are constructing a green house. Dave laid out the concrete blocks as a base. We attempted to raise the ribs with a crane, …. Read More


Donning our veterinary hats today, we wrestled an uncooperative piglet (actually, there are no cooperative piglets) into a manageable position and applied what we hope to be a healing bandage. The piglet’s intestines had begun to bulge in the belly button area, so we pushed them back in and placed the rounded half of a tennis ball into the area and duct taped it.  By the time the piglet rubs off the tape, we hope that the problem will be resolved. Immediately after being returned to the herd, this guy went back… Read More