Winter Quarters

With the first frosts behind us,

we are making the transition from summer routines to winter preparation.

We are butchering lambs,


pigs and cattle this month,

wrapping up our food processing and building the winter pig housing.

The first year, we built a hoop house in our garden area, but I failed to get a picture of it.

The second year, Dave built a dugout.


This year, we are constructing a green house.

Dave laid out the concrete blocks as a base.


We attempted to raise the ribs with a crane,




but decided it would be better to raise the sides by hand and install the peak from atop a ladder.


Finishing included lots of details–braces


and duct tape (to cover sharp edges and bolts)


and some plywood.


We never lacked for help.


We will line the bottom with a thick layer of wood chips.


The pigs will have access to a big yard that will also work as a sorting pen.

Though we appreciated these guys doing what they can,


we are waiting for the next lucky visitors (Nancy and Jason?) to come by

so we can get a few hands to help us cover the entire structure with our green house tarp.

It might be worth your while.

chickendinner ribsyum

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