Slaughter Day

Our lives require this day.


We can hide it and make it seem shameful,

or we can accept our place in the interconnectedness of living things.


To separate ourselves from this day would be to dishonor the lives we need,


degrade the animals we tend

(Dave giving a calf an apple)

(Dave giving a calf an apple)

and diminish us as persons and farmers.


We stand by, claiming responsibility for the lives we trade for our own.


It is the completion of the work that has nourished our minds, hearts and bodies throughout the year.


The work itself is good.  The animals we raise are healthy.


The sacrifice we make is necessary.


The food we enjoy is pure.


The energy it provides fuels the good work we achieve.


There is no shame here.


There is hope, thanksgiving,

stomach lining

(stomach lining)

 and wonder.


As Hannah Coulter puts it, “This is our life. This is our giving of thanks.”

3 Comments on “Slaughter Day

  1. I never knew cows stomach looked like this. Took my kids to a private slaughter house in Oklahoma and they watched the whole process. But death still gives me a sad feeling and looking forward to the day when this is all over and life is all that’s left.

  2. Excellent! The photos tell so much!

    Love you! Love your vision.

    India* sent from my iPhone

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