Beautiful and Deadly

  A coopers hawk has a nest in a near pasture, providing lovely glimpses of these beautiful creatures soaring above the valley. But of coarse there is a darker side. A few years ago our free ranging meat birds provided the hawks with many tasty meals. Last year our rooster fought them off on the few occasions that they came after the laying hens.  This year we have had too many disappearances, and we continue to startle a hawk  away from our milk house, compost heap, hay bales and pine trees.  It… Read More


Our main fence charger blew because of nearby lightening last night. Dave discovered the problem around midnight and turned on our backup.  It was nice to catch the problem so quickly– this post could be about the excessive rain rather than a morning of rounding up cattle and pigs. You can read about the local flooding here. Our farm has a seasonal stream running through the low point.  Today it didn’t look much like a stream.

Three Bull Calves and a Heifer

Sprout gave birth to a bull calf this week. Though we tried to watch our heifers giving birth each time, we were always a wee bit late until Sprout.  We could see from our vantage point on the hill that she was in labor in the early afternoon, so we grabbed the camera and jumped on the four wheeler. She didn’t go away from the rest of the herd, but she was restless. Unfortunately we were called away just before the calf dropped. By the time we returned, Sprout was licking her… Read More