Pork Pricing Update

As much as we hate to do this to you, we think it is time to raise the prices on pork.  We’ve held the price steady for three years, but our costs have been increasing unrelentingly.  Despite whatever economists say about downward price pressures from lower oil costs, our feed costs haven’t budged.  Two years ago, grain prices shot up for both conventional and organic feed.  Since then, conventional feed costs have gone back down but organic prices stayed high.  So instead of a 2:1 price premium for organic grain, we are now paying nearly a 3:1 premium.

Also driving us to raise prices are the facts that we aren’t able to get as much whey as in previous years and the amount of produce available for feeding pigs has declined.  So the free supplemental feed has been disappearing at the same time as purchased feed has become more expensive.

Our updated prices will be:

  • Whole Pig $3.75 per pound hanging weight plus butchering fees
  • Half Pig $4.00 per pound hanging weight plus butchering fees

Based on our average hanging weights, this will add about $40 extra to your bill compared to 2014 pricing.  Any orders reserved at 2014 pricing will still be honored.

Certified organic feed is expensive.  Pigs are rough on equipment and fencing.  Moving pigs to fresh pasture on a regular basis is hard work.  Marketing, coordinating, and delivering orders is time consuming.  We won’t go so far as to pretend we’re giving you a bargain.  But you want us to still be in business next year, right?  Thanks for sticking with us.  We’ll do our best to keep giving you the best tasting food you can get.

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