Evaluating Additional Grazing Land

This week I received an unexpected email asking if I’d be interested in “grazing herbivores, pasturing chickens, and/or growing vegetables” on a long unused 85 acre property in the next town over.  This land is about a 6 mile drive from home, 15 minutes away.  We aren’t planning on doing market gardening any time soon, so the vegetables were out right away.  Chickens are a tough business simply because they are so easy — anyone with a few acres can raise chickens.  Thus there are lots of people selling pastured chickens below costs, many of them hobbyists… Read More

Neighbors with Tractors

After we finished pushing yesterday’s snow into a wide heap with the four wheeler’s plow, our neighbor Mike stopped by and asked the kids if they wanted it piled up higher.  Of course they were delighted to take him up on the offer and they stood there with growing grins as he kept piling it until his bucket couldn’t reach any higher.  Our tractor wouldn’t start with the cold, so it helps to have neighbors with the right tools for one of winter’s serious pursuits:  building snow forts.  Thanks Mike!

Is the Brain a Terrible Thing to Waste?

If the brain really is a terrible thing to waste, then we must be terrible.  There are lots of wasted brains from our farm.  If you have the craving for a breakfast of scrambled brains, we’re sorry to say you can’t buy them from us.  If you’ve just gotta have ’em, you can get a four pack of canned brains in gravy from Amazon.  Note the tasteful parsley garnish on the side.  Presentation is everything, even if you are serving brains.  Especially if you are serving brains. “Everything but the squeal” is a well… Read More