Who’s Your Daddy?

This is somewhat controversial in the pork world, but we don’t castrate our boars.  There are valid arguments pro and con, but thus far we’ve never had a need to do so.
One challenge this introduces is that our farm is full of earnest young suitors whenever any gilt or sow is in heat.


A sortie of piglets on a pasture reconnaissance mission.

Despite our efforts to plan breedings, having so many intact males sometimes gives us surprise litters, like the piglets above.  They were sired by a Yorkshire boar shortly before he was transferred to a new assignment in my parents’ freezer (where he has reportedly been serving admirably).  He was a fine pig, just not the one we had planned to breed with this particular sow.  But love has a way of conquering all and our plans need to adjust.  To borrow from Marvin Gaye, “Ain’t no fencing high enough to keep me away from you babe.”

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