Chickens Are Back!

We are glad make the double announcement that have chicken back in stock, and that we’re dropping our prices.

AJ and I made big changes to our operation, finding a different organic feed supplier and building new pasture housing.  For our first batch of the season we bought 200 day old chicks and butchered 202 (the hatchery usually throws in a few extra, so that accounts for the larger ending number).  Because we’ve had far better survival rates than ever before, because the chickens grew faster, and because our new feed trough design practically eliminated wastage, we’re glad to announce that our costs are much lower this year.  Last year our broilers sold for $6.00 per pound; this year we’re down to $5.25.

AJ with frozen chickens

Meet the farmer:  loading chickens in the walk-in freezer.  AJ has been raising chickens for three years, but this summer he took on the job with dedication and care.

We picked up whole chickens from the butcher this week, and we’ll get the cut-up chickens next week.  We’ll post the prices for the cuts on our store once we get everything back and have a chance to tally up the inventory.

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