Hay and a Movie

Once again it is time to start laying out the bales for winter grazing.  Bale after bale, row after row, definitely not the most intellectually stimulating farm task, but cows gotta eat…


Repetitive tasks aren’t entirely unwelcome, since they provide opportunity for contemplation.  Today I was thinking over the story of another farmer, one whose love/hate relationship with the drudgery of farming forms part of the storyline for the documentary Peter and the Farm (just released for streaming on Amazon and iTunes yesterday).  This film isn’t the usual farm documentary, being neither a perfunctory exposé of “bad ag” versus “good ag” nor an ingratiating tribute to hardworking, salt-of-the-earth farmers.  Instead it is the most real farm documentary I’ve seen, the eponym seeming to spring from a John Prine ballad: an organic, alcoholic, expert, inept, loving, spiteful character, utterly believable because I know him in the composite from fellow farmers.  To be honest, I know him because I spend time stuck in many of the same paradoxes.  Come for the cinematography, stay for the meltdown.  The movie gets high marks from this reviewer.

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