Awash in Eggs

This year we’ve had far too many eggs.  And we’ve had far too few eggs.  Now we’re back to too many.  The undulations of egg production leave me a bit seasick at times, sloshing from peak to trough in production, never able to precisely meet our customer demand.  The lesson I’m learning is that even if I expand my laying hen flock, I’m always going to need a relationship with another egg producer to allow me to buffer the jagged edges of my production curve.  I’m fortunate to have Oliver and Shauna Aeschlimann nearby to help me out.

I’m cutting egg prices by $0.50 per dozen to try to liven things up so we don’t end up having to feed eggs to the pigs again.  (Note, if you’ve already added eggs to your order but haven’t confirmed your it, you should delete the eggs and add them back so that your order will reflect the new lower price.)

Of course when you are cooking up your eggs, you’re going to want some breakfast sausage to go with it.  We’ve added new breakfast sausage links to the store in place of the bulk sausage packs we previously had.breakfast-sausage-links

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