Changes 2017: Pickup Points

We want to add several Staten Island and North Jersey neighborhood delivery points for our grassfed and pasture raised meat and eggs this year.  Do you have a recommendation?  Let us know on our simple pickup location suggestion form; this is a huge help to us!

The map below shows the general path we would like to follow for our monthly Saturday run, starting  in the morning near Edison, moving to Staten Island, then one to three delivery points between Bayonne and Fort Lee, then one point in central Bergen County somewhere between Paramus and Oradell (yes, this is a pretty big search area), and finishing up with a late afternoon stop between Saddle River and Mahwah on our way back home.


If you know of any places that would work for a group of people to meet us to pick up orders, again, please let us know.  Places that work well include church parking lots and gyms.  Business locations sometimes work, especially if the business is typically closed on Saturdays.  Private residences can work, provided that there is a driveway for us to park our van and that having ten to twenty people show up during a delivery doesn’t cause problems for neighbors.

Our next delivery run to NJ will be on Friday the 10th and I plan to stick around on Saturday to scout a few locations.  Let me know what you’ve got and I’ll swing by.  If your location isn’t along the path I’ve drawn, feel free to tell us about it anyway.  We’re always taking suggestions.

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