It’s Here: Soppressata

It has been a long time coming, but we are glad to feature a mild Soppressata salami among our list of products.  Each batch of salami takes a couple of months to make; during that time it is hard to wait patiently!

Interestingly, the Soppressata has the same list of ingredients as our Spanish Fuet, but the taste is very different.  Both salamis are lacto-fermented, but by playing with the fermenting and drying conditions, the whole character changes significantly.  Whereas the Fuet is hard and pungent, the Soppressata is soft and mild.

The folks at Espuña who have been making our salamis bring a European sensibility to their recipes, so this salami is a bit different from the American mass market Soppressatas I’ve tasted.  Rather than clobbering you over the head with spices, this one lets the pork take center stage.  (Note, if you like a salami with lots of spices, we hope to have a great pepperoni this summer, so stay tuned.  We just got to taste the first sample batch this weekend.)

Need to get your salami fix?  You can find it in our online store here.


An antipasto salad I made for our first meal with the new Soppressata.

2 Comments on “It’s Here: Soppressata

  1. And man is it ever good! Eating a piece now and I think I prefer this one to your Fuet. I could see how somebody with different sensibilities than I would like the Fuet better though.

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