Our selection of pork sausages gets an addition we haven’t had in stock for many years:  a Cajun fresh style Andouille.  All the spices are certified organic and of course all the ingredients are pronounceable and unrefined.

Andouille Label

The kind of ingredient list we like (well, except for the onin typo).

This is a mildly spicy sausage, less spicy than the Mexican Chorizo.  It has enough pepper to notice it, but not enough to leave anyone (except the most tender-tongued) feeling overspiced.  It cooks easily and quickly in a pan, but we especially enjoy it grilled until the outside has a little crackly crust.  Like a lot of the Louisiana culinary repertoire, the flavors are universal and can cross over into all sorts of other food traditions.  So while of course you would do well to use this sausage with your favorite gumbo recipe, it will be perfectly at home in all kinds of unlikely meals, for instance substituting for chicken in a chicken tikka masala recipe.

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