Brooklyn and Queens Deliveries

We’ve had some patient and dedicated customers driving all the way from Brooklyn and Queens to pick up meat and eggs in New Jersey and Staten Island, but we’re glad to announce that we are starting four new neighborhood delivery points near our existing B-Q customers.

Unlike our suburban deliveries where we can count on big driveways with lots of access, our Brooklyn drops are “floating” delivery points.  We’ll park as close to our listed address as possible, but we may end up a couple hundred feet up or down the street depending on parking (we’ll be taking advantage of the law in NYC that allows commercial delivery vehicles to double park in certain locations during deliveries).  We may need to refine these delivery points as time goes by.  Consider the Brooklyn locations as beta tests.  The Queens location is a little more of a sure thing.

Once each month we’ll be delivering preordered items to the following NYC locations:

Again, consider the Brooklyn locations as beta tests while we work out the logistics and gauge interest.  If you know a better spot or if you are connected to a network of people with a common interest in grassfed, organics, and environmentally sound food production, let us know and we might be able to adjust the delivery run.

Our next delivery will be on Saturday the 30th of September.  All orders for the next delivery need to be placed by the end of the day on Tuesday the 26th.

Have a friend in the area who wants to eat well while supporting a farmer?  Please pass the word along.  We appreciate it!

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