Peak Vegan?

I’ve recently met or spoken with a number of vegans and vegetarians who’ve gone back to adding some eggs, meat, or dairy into their diets. As a purveyor of animal products, I don’t write any of this in a spirit of gloating, but of course I’m glad to have the trust of these folks who are looking for animals raised the way we do it on our farm. (Please note, there aren’t official standards on farmer-customer confidentiality, but I won’t publicize any specifics of these conversations. I realize that these choices are very personal. Your food secrets are safe with me.)

I was curious if what I was picking up on was a trend or if I was just drawing crazy conclusions. The idea has been sloshing around in my head for a while, until it occurred to me this afternoon that I could ask Google.

According to Google search terms, “vegan” exploded in popularity in 2016 and peaked in August 2017. It still is far more heavily searched than it was pre-2016, but there has been a year-long downward trend. I’ll be the first to disclaim that a trend is not the same as a forecast, so the “peak vegan” headline is really just clickbait. But it is at the very least an interesting correlation between internet searches and my anecdotal observations.

What do I think about veganism? I’m glad you asked… That’s a topic for the next post.

3 Comments on “Peak Vegan?

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  2. I was a vegetarian for almost 10 years. At the ten year mark, I started to feel kind of sluggish and cruddy, so my partner at the time helped me find humane meat that I could feel okay about eating. That was part of the impetus for me to become a farmer myself. Now I raise sheep on my Animal Welfare Approved farm.
    I understand wanting to take a stand against factory farming. Unfortunately, veganism isn’t really an environmentally sound or nutritionally sound solution (since you need to supplement your B vitamins). I think folks will always go vegan and then come back to meat, other than the fringe ones who like to make rude comments about farms on FB and Insta.

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