Building Our Farm, Building Other Farms Too


Cardboard and Egg Cartons.jpgThis may just look like a pile of cardboard boxes, but to us it represents a chance for our farm to thrive along with other farms.  These are boxes and egg cartons that we buy in bulk and share the cost with other small farms.  We’ve been trying to look for mutual benefit opportunities in more aspects of our farming.  During the past year we’ve been able to do the following cooperative projects:

  • Egg cartons and cardboard boxes purchased by the pallet load
  • Laying hens purchased through a group effort among dozens of farms
  • Nest boxes ordered and split among four farms
  • Booking butcher appointments in bigger blocks to get discounts
  • Wholesaling our poultry products to another farm to allow us to achieve better volume discounts
  • Sharing freezer space
  • Coordinating warehouse trucking

We see these as laying the groundwork for more changes that we’ll be introducing over the coming months, as we try to build up Wrong Direction Farm into a sturdy enterprise that supports our family.  We need to build ourselves up as we simultaneously build up other people with compatible goals.  To that end, we are going to be introducing some partnerships that allow our farm to thrive alongside other farms.

Rachel will be posting in the coming days with the first such announcement.  We’re excited with the possibilities.



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