Bulk Pricing

Click the Order menu above to order individual cuts from our inventory for on-farm pickup or dropoff at one of our regular locations.

If you have a little freezer space and you’d like to economize, you might be interested in buying our pork in bulk shares.  Pork is sold as whole and half shares.  The pricing is based on the “hanging weight”, which is the carcass weight on the butcher’s meat hook after the skin, internal organs, hooves, and head are removed, but before further processing into retail cuts.  The final amount of meat you take home varies with each animal and depends on whether you want bone-in or boneless cuts, but as a rough estimate we find that the final yield is around 70% of the hanging weight.  The table below summarizes the major points on pricing.

Half HogWhole Hog
Price per pound Hanging Weight$5.25$5.00
Average Hanging Weight85-110 lbs170-220 lbs
No Nitrite Smoking (all other butcher fees besides smoking are included in the price per pound above)$2.50/lb (~$30 for bacon, ~$40 for ham)$2.50/lb (~$60 for 2 bacons, ~$80 for 2 hams)
Average Final Packaged Weight64-83 lbs128-165 lbs
Average Total Price$582$1,115
Upright Freezer Shelf Space (rough estimate)2-2.5 shelves4-5 shelves
Freezer Space (cubic feet)2-34-5
Deposit Required to Reserve$75$150

Ordering in bulk may be a little intimidating at first, but if you get in touch with us we can walk you through the process and make sure everything makes sense.  Pork is available periodically throughout the year.  When you are ready to place your order, please fill out and send us a picture or scan of the Pork Cutting Instructions form.

12 Comments on “Bulk Pricing

  1. Is it possible to have your meat wrapped in butcher paper and flash frozen instead of vacuum packed in plastic?

    • Some of the butchers we work with offer butcher paper, but you’d need to order a whole beef or pig if you wanted that option. I don’t know of anyone who offers that option for chicken.
      On the paper vs plastic topic, it might be worth noting that the freezer paper that all the butchers use is actually a paper-plastic hybrid. The inner surface (the side in contact with the food) is coated with a layer of polyethylene, the same plastic that is used in the vacuum bags. So if you looking to avoid contact with plastic, I’m not aware of any ways to avoid that. If you are looking to reduce the amount of plastic waste, then the paper gives you a slight improvement.

  2. Hi, wondering if you are ever able to sell beef by the whole? if so, what would the pricing be? thanks!

  3. Could you describe the difference between conventional smoking and nitrate free? At the market we see nitrate free smoked meats for example bacon, hot dogs, etc. but these typically include celery salt as a way of indirectly including sodium nitrate without having to list it as an ingredient. I cryovac all my meat that I do not immediately consume and store it all in the freezer.
    I enjoy the smoke flavor but seek to avoid unnecessary chemical preservatives.

    • Dan: The nitrite (whether sodium nitrite or a naturally occuring blend of nitrites and nitrates from celery powder, cherry seed powder, or a number of other vegetable sources) is added to inhibit the growth of botulism while the meat is soaking in the brine before smoking. So freezing it afterwards doesn’t matter if the meat is already infected with the botulism toxins. With bacon, I think nitrites are overkill if proper sanitation and temperature control are observed. With hams, I think the extra insurance from nitrites makes more sense since it is a thick piece of meat.
      For all meat that we sell by the cut, we are required to use USDA inspected processors and approved methods. For people who buy whole or half hogs, we have more latitude to act as their agent. So we can work with you to get your bacon smoked in a simple salt, brown sugar, and pepper cure. Send me an email to go over the details.

  4. Hello, I came across your farm in my search for a meat CSA. Your website is very informative but I find some important specifics missing regarding slaughtering and butchering, would you be able to tell me more information about the processing please. Also, I found your photograph above, that of two individuals butchering a dead animal immediately adjacent to living pigs fearfully watching the entire ordeal vexing, is this how you normally butcher the CSA meat?

    • Thanks for asking, Paul. The answer is about $360. The hanging weight of a pig averages around 160, so for half a pig, the cost would be around $280 plus $70-$80 for butcher fees depending on the amount of bacon and ham you choose to have smoked.

  5. Hi
    I’ve enjoyed following your farm happenings on Facebook this summer. I’d be interested in buying a half pig at some point and was wondering what the timing/availability would be for that.
    We live in York, PA so I would think we would make a road trip to come get it.

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