Grass Fed Lamb Leg Steak

$19.95/lb Avg 1.1 lbs

One leg steak from grass fed and grass finished lamb.

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Lamb leg steaks are cross-cut so they include the marrow-rich leg bone in the center. They are wonderful when salted and rubbed with herbs, then grilled or seared in a hot pan.

All our lamb comes from our good friends at Cairncrest Farm. Their flock of Katahdin sheep are raised on pasture and are 100% grass fed and grass finished, using the same protocols we use here at Wrong Direction Farm for our grass fed and grass finished beef.

The Katahdin sheep are a hardy breed that tend to grow better on a diet of grass-alone. Unlike most other sheep, this kind sheds their hair rather than needing their wool to be clipped. Because they aren’t a wooly breed, they have less lanolin, the chemical that is responsible for some of the strong mutton flavors in other breeds. Katahdin meat tends to be milder and fine textured.

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