Why Buy Our Pork?

Why buy pork from Wrong Direction Farm?

It tastes good!  Chances are, since you are here, you are already aware of the goodness of pastured pork. If not, try a pastured pork chop next to a chop from your grocery store and taste the difference.

Our pork is raised on pasture.  This means the pigs eat mainly what they forage from the earth–bugs, slugs, grass, mushrooms, you name it: if it grows in the pasture, the pigs consume it.


We provide them with all-they-can-drink whey, the liquid separated from the curd in cheese making. It is high in protein, minerals and vitamins. Whey fed pigs are well known for their delicious tenderness.


About twice a week, we give the animals vegetables by the truckload. They are spoiled with seasonal goodies like plums, lettuce, pumpkins and watermelon.


When we find that the pigs need supplementation, we feed them organic grain.

Nellie Olsen is waiting for her grain.

You know the farmer and the animal! We welcome visitors to our farm and encourage you to have a look around.  We want to get to know you and introduce you to the pig you will be eating.  Many of the animals are named by our kids, so it is likely you will receive a personal introduction. You can learn how we do what we do and see for yourself that the animals are well tended and thriving.

Photo by Jill Malouf www.jillivision.com

Photo by Jill Malouf http://www.jillivision.com

You get a local product and support the community. We buy grain from an organic mill not far from us.  The cheese factory where we get our whey is ten minutes from our farm, and Dave picks up the vegetables on his way home from his office.

Come on out and take a look!

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