Fine Feathered

The humidity and temperature overnight worked together to deposit a feathery coating of hoar frost over the windward sides of branches and fence wires.  Even exposed snow banks were covered in fingernail-sized flakes of frost.  The frost disappeared soon after the sunlight strengthened, but it was a great sight while it lasted.  I’m not a meteorologist, nor do I play one on TV, so I found this blog helpful in differentiating between hoar frost and rime ice. Enjoy the view.

Glaze Ice Morning

Some winter mornings the chore routine is a brutally cold experience, something to be pushed through as quickly as possible.  But not today.  This morning everything was covered by a thick ice coating, transforming each object into a sparkling alternate of itself.  There was a little snow under the crust and as long as I stuck to untrodden paths there was enough traction to get around.  The only trouble the ice made was in weighing down the polywire fences into droopy catenaries, so I had to go along the fences and lift the saggy sections.


A tree I found in the hedgerow has a gaping hole in it made by an old barbed wire fence.  Squirrels have hidden their acorns inside.  



Apple Blossoms

from the old apple trees