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Cover image from Mother Earth News on the topic of Chickens in Organic Pastures with an article from Wrong Direction Farm.
Pasture Raised Poultry

Our Chickens in Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News gave me the opportunity to write the cover article for this month’s magazine topic “Chickens in Organic Pastures.” The article was all about how I manage the balance between perennial and annual plants for livestock grazing and …

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Grass fed ribeye steak served with basil and tapenade butter.

Recipe: Grilled Ribeye with Tapenade Butter

Chef Katy sent me the following note along with this recipe: The inspiration for this dish came from my thriving basil plant this past summer. Thefragrance of the basil made me think immediately of my favorite condiment, Tapenade,which is usually …

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Grass fed beef breakfast sausage links on a plate with a sunny side up egg.

Breakfast with Wrong Direction Farm

This week I’m excited to announce some new breakfast sausage options. Both of these recipes are ones that I’ve worked on in our home kitchen, running lots of trials and tweaking the recipes until they’re just right. Instead of using …

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Food Policy

The Honor System

This fall I’ve been working through my paperwork and inspections for our farm’s annual organic recertification. And the process is always unsettling. Fundamentally, I really do stand behind the foundational tenets of organic farming. The definition of organic from the …

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Photo of the farm landscape with a light dusting of snow and frost on a foggy morning.
Farm Life

Fall, Finally

Well, it took long enough. But we finally got our first killing frost along with a light snowfall. So fall is here. The conditions this year created an unusually warm October. Apparently the trees were confused by the weather, since …

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Pasture raised turkeys on a hillside at Wrong Direction Farm
Pasture Raised Turkeys

Turkeys and Helicopters

This week Rachel and I were herding turkeys out of their pasture onto the farm lane when we came under attack by helicopters. Or at least that’s how the turkeys would tell the story. We were working with the flock …

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Pasture Raised Poultry

Chickens Planting Crops

Last year we started an experimental project using our chickens to help us plant crop seeds. The idea came from the observation that sometimes seeds from spilled chicken feed would germinate in the pasture a week or two after the …

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Grass Fed Beef

Cows Herding Cows

I was in the garage welding angle iron when a neighbor pulled up to tell me he was missing six calves. He’d gone out to check on them and, not finding them, looked across the fence to see his little …

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Behind the Scenes

All the Little Live Things

The title of this week’s post comes from one of the shorter works by Wallace Stegner, an author who wrote a number of books that have lodged themselves individually into my memory. Among other themes in All the Little Live …

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Pasture Raised Turkeys

Tunneling Turkeys

Turkeys are surprisingly dedicated diggers. I’ve written before about how they need to eat pebbles to maintain their digestive system, so it makes sense that they have this instinct to excavate. In dry weather, they also wallow in loose dirt …

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