Growth without End: Can We Accept Limits in Farming?

Thinking about the collapse of Belcampo Meat Co, and why investor-backed “ethical food” companies create their own ethical problems. I believe self-imposed limits can be a useful guiding principle.

Solving the Meat vs No Meat Debate Conclusively. Yeah, Right.

I’ve been working an experiment at home with my youngest son, Harry. We’ve been studying propaganda. I’d like him to learn to find his way through complicated issues, being able to see the factors that influence the way agendas influence the spread of information and disinformation. He needs to learn more about the ways in which facts, hunches, misunderstandings, and lies are blended together to concoct a winning narrative. I don’t want to make him agnostic toward ideas, but I’d like to help him develop discernment. I want him to be able… Read More

Lab Grown Meat: A Scam And A Distraction

I’ve written about the topic of lab grown meat here, here, and here. But some new reporting really nails down important points about the scam that is afoot. It’s a long article, but worth reading over at The Counter if you can spare some time. I think the article does an outstanding job unpacking such a complex topic. My only gripe is that I wish the author would have taken a moment to consider grass fed beef instead of painting all beef with the ecological problems associated with grain fed beef. But… Read More