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Dave and Rachel Perozzi

431 Seebers Ln

Canajoharie, NY 13317


photo by Jill Malouf

Dave 518-588-2633

(with AJ)

(with AJ)

Rachel 518-928-0019

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photo by Jill Malouf

14 Comments on “Contact Us

  1. Dave this is a great blog. I wanted to follow up on the goldenrod in your pastures. I saw that you were running your cattle through the trample and eat around has that worked out for you? I am currently working to re do some pasture with the same problem and I was wondering if you had any updates on your progress. Thanks

    • Jbd, different fields respond differently. One pasture went from weeds to lush grass in one year, others are four or five years in, and they are just coming around. The waterlogged fields seem to be more challenging to reform. I’d say it is working, but it is a long game we’re playing.

  2. Could you explain the manufacturing process in your Leaf Lard? Each fall I have tons and tons of leafs to rake and perhaps I can kill two birds and turn my misery into profit. Even better, If you rake and pick up my leaves, I’ll cut you in on half the leaf lard profit.

    • Would that it were so simple…
      Actually leaf lard is the traditional name of the fat surrounding pigs’ kidneys (the analogous fat in sheep and cattle is called suet). The lard is “rendered” by heating it in a kettle and ladling out the liquified fat, filtering it, and allowing it to cool. So no leaves are involved, other than whatever leaves the pigs ate during their lifetimes.

  3. Dear Dave and Rachel,

    Though not included in the list of items for ordering, can I order black tripe for delivery in Westfield NJ?

    Thank you so much in advance

    • Sorry for the delay. Tripe is one of the items that are not available because none of the small butchers we work with can process it efficiently.

  4. As the MCFC season is over soon I am going you will periodically do a delivery close by through the winter months.please advise if this is something you do.
    I have loved eating what you produce!

    • Sorry for the delay in getting back to you Bonnie. Yes, we’ll be continuing to do a winter delivery just a few blocks away from the summer CSA site, albeit on a monthly schedule. Once the normal CSA season ends we’ll be updating the “Delivery Options” tab with the new location.

  5. Dave and Rachel, thank you thank you thank you. I’ve always believed that if you know your farmer you know your food and I’m so thrilled to have found you and your wonderful farm. Thank you for “doing it right”, my family and I truly appreciate it.

    • Thanks Jen. And the reciprocal is true for us: If we know our customers, we know how to produce that food. If we were producing for an anonymous commodity market, the only motivation would be maximizing profit. But when we are farming for people we know, then doing what’s good for those people becomes a more prominent goal. Getting to know our customers is a great safeguard for us too.

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  7. Heard a radio article on NPR this morning about Red Wattle pigs. They called it an heirloom breed. Thought about you guys right away. Turns out this is not an ancient breed. Looks like it was developed in Texas in the 1960’s. At least that is what I read in a Wikipedia article. Didn’t go any further in investigation.

  8. Rachel, We met yesterday at the concert. I would like to briefly visit your farm and when I’m there buy a sample pack. If you would like me to do it, I will take another sample pack to the Harvest Co-op in Gloversville and speak with Chris Curro, the manager. No rush. Jamie Clauson

    • Thanks, Jamie. Are you available to drop by August 31 or September 5, 6, or 7th? You can give us a call at 918.588.2633 before you come by. Look forward to seeing you and talking about the co-op.

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