Contact Farmer Dave

Contact Dave

I’m Dave Perozzi, a farmer here at Wrong Direction Farm. I respond to all emails, so feel free to send any questions on the form below. I am interested in all aspects of farming and of eating, so be sure to get in touch. (If you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours, check your spam folder. We’re not spammers, but somehow our responses to customer inquiries sometimes end up there!)

Or if you prefer, call my cell at 518-588-2633. You won’t go to a customer service operator in a cubicle. Instead you’ll speak with me, so you’ll get someone actually involved with all aspects of our farm. If you hear tractor noise, clucking, or mooing in the background, you’ll know why. Some days I’m tied up with farm projects so you might go to voicemail, but I will get back to you!

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