Our Name

Why Wrong Direction Farm?

When we pulled up stakes in our comfortable suburban New Jersey area where Dave had lived nearly all his life and headed to upstate New York where we had no connections, it did seem to some of our acquaintances that we were headed in the wrong direction.

But we had a vision of what life could be here, and we wanted to get busy living it. That life, described so compellingly by Wendell Berry, was a life lived in cooperation with each other, the land, and our community. It was Berry who lit the fire of possibility within us, and we wanted the name of our farm to be a nod in his direction.


We wanted to admit that we spend a lot of our time backtracking and redoing. We liked the suggestion of contrariness.

We found it in Wendell Berry’s Poem Mad-Farmer Liberation Front. The last few lines of which follow:

Be like the fox

Who makes more tracks than necessary,

Some in the wrong direction.

Practice Resurrection.

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