Dave Perozzi

What is Healthy Anyway?

I enjoy leafing through discolored and spotted old magazines, studying the advertisements. There’s something special about old ads, because ads are only effective during a narrow temporal context. They don’t age well. Cultural signifiers change. Time tempers the urgency of messages that once were so insistent. Even the most successful campaigns now feel exposed, blinking …

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Potions for Pastures

Foliar sprays. Biochar. Compost tea. Kelp. Apple cider vinegar. Good luck amulets. Chances are, if you’ve spent any time at any organic farming event, you’ve been hounded by hucksters, all eager to impress upon you the transformative power of the thing they happen to be selling. The sales pitch will be reminiscent of the dusty …

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Pasture raised turkey breast recipe shown sliced on a platter.

Kimchi Brined Turkey Breast with Kimchi and Herb Sauce

Turkey, particularly the white meat, seems always to do well when brined in the juice from naturally fermented vegetables. I stumbled into this idea with my Fried Turkey Wings recipe. At first, I thought I had discovered something new. But I’ve come to understand that great cooks have known this forever. So much for any …

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