Pasture Raised, Certified Organic Thanksgiving Turkeys Available

Good news! We now have our whole turkeys listed for sale. Certified organic and pasture raised, these are the turkeys you are looking for. We have a wide variety of sizes available for you. Every year we start our turkey planning for the next year just a few weeks after Thanksgiving. Or rather I like to think of it as planning, but it probably is just complicated guessing. I assumed that for Thanksgiving 2021 we’ll see a rebound in Thanksgiving celebrations compared to last year. So we raised more turkeys and we… Read More

Important Design Features In Our Shelters for Pasture Raised Chickens

I took a few minutes with the chickens out in the pasture to highlight some of the design features and considerations we incorporated into our custom made shelters. At Wrong Direction Farm we’ve always been driven by both personal preference and economic necessity to be do-it-yourselfers. About six years ago we realized we needed to upgrade our chicken shelters, so we started down a path of designing and building durable, portable pasture coops. While I’m certain that we haven’t arrived at a perfect design, our current setup really suits the chickens well… Read More

Flags for Moving Chickens on Pasture

If you’ve ever tried to move a flock of poultry, you’ve probably noticed that chickens don’t respond as well to herding as ducks or turkeys. While chickens do move with and identify with their flock, they just don’t stick together in a tight unit. It seems that chickens have the individualism dial turned up just a bit higher than other farm birds. So when we need to walk our pasture raised chickens to fresh grass, we’ve found a little tool that helps. My first idea was to purchase some cheerleading pom poms…. Read More

How We Move Chickens On Pasture

I made this explainer video to show how we move all of our chickens on pasture. Movement is always key for pasture raised chickens, so we include that as a primary consideration in all our chicken shelters.

Repairing Feeders for Pasture Raised Chickens

I never expected finding a reliable, effective feeder for our pasture raised chickens would be such a challenge. Over the past twelve years I have built countless feeders. And I’ve tried at least ten different commercial feeders trying to find something that really worked. Along the way I came up with a pretty good homemade design for laying hens, but for broiler chickens I keep coming back to the Kuhl 50 lb hanging feeder as the best option. I like that it has a feed tray with a large lip, preventing the… Read More

Take a minute with our Pasture Raised Chickens

Spend a minute with our pasture raised chickens. I filmed them grazing in our pastures a couple of evenings ago. No words, just chickens. I enjoy listening to their incessant chirps and chortles.

New York Pasture Raised Chickens: What’s New Is Old

Looking through old books at the tradition of raising chickens on pasture right here in New York. Local pasture raised chicken at Wrong Direction Farm is a vital part of the restoration of a sane regional food network for New York and the Northeast.

How Long Can I Keep Pasture Raised Chicken In My Freezer?

Maybe this scenario sounds familiar to you. You are looking in your freezer and notice this package of pasture raised chicken way in the back of your freezer. It got pushed into the back and blocked by all your frozen garden produce. And now you are thinking, “Hmm, I bought this last year. Is it still OK?” The good news is that your pasture raised chicken is probably still in great shape. There are just a few things needed to inform your decision. Confusion Everywhere One big source of confusion comes from… Read More

How Should I Defrost Pasture Raised Chicken?

Discussing the best way for a busy person to defrost pasture raised chicken. And, what should I do if it hasn’t thawed fully but I need to start cooking?

How Long Can I Store Pasture Raised Chicken In My Refrigerator?

We look at the factors affecting storage time in a home refrigerator for our pasture raised chicken.