Our Chickens in Mother Earth News

Mother Earth News gave me the opportunity to write the cover article for this month’s magazine topic “Chickens in Organic Pastures.” The article was all about how I manage the balance between perennial and annual plants for livestock grazing and how I use the chickens to help me plant seeds. For now the article is behind a paywall, so only their subscribers get to read it. But for anyone who is interested, I wanted to put the news out there.

Photo of Mother Earth News opened to show an article from Wrong Direction Farm titled "Seed Starting with Chickens: Employ your birds as no-till planters for fertile, diverse pastures."

For further reading, I covered a lot of the same ground in an article right here on the blog last year: How We Use Chickens as No-Till Seed Planters.

There’s plenty more to be said about pasture raised chickens, as we’re just a week and a half from the hatch dates for the first spring batches. And then after that we’re swamped with chickens and turkeys through November. For now, the family and I are treasuring the relative peace of our last chicken-free week.

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