WDF Store Improvements

I’ve been busy updating the farm website. Winter is a good time for website projects. I look outside the window and think, “maybe I’ll keep sitting at the computer today”. The most visible change is the addition of dozens of new product pictures. Many of our old pictures only showed the packaged items, and they didn’t do justice to the texture and shape of the meat we’re selling. My goal is to update all items in our store to share images for both raw and cooked meat. I don’t have a complete… Read More

Farm Dog Retraining

Winter on the farm is altogether different from the other seven months of the year because we don’t have flocks of chickens and turkeys. And what is a livestock guardian dog to do without chickens and turkeys? We have been trying to re-train Greta the guard dog to bond with the cattle to keep her active and occupied during the winter. Neither Greta nor the cattle want anything to do with each other. Despite our efforts, we don’t see much improvement. I suspect the problem is that the cattle are pretty self… Read More

Pre-Christmas Ordering, And Florida

We are sending packages out Monday this week but we aren’t sending anything out the week of Christmas due to shipping congestion.  So if you want your Holiday feast to feature a prime rib roast or a leg of lamb, today and tomorrow are the days to get your order in. We’ll be back to our normal shipping schedule the week after Christmas and for the rest of winter our deliveries should continue at their regular pace. Or I should say that deliveries will continue through the winter except when we need… Read More

The Calves Come Marching In

Our calves arrived this morning.  It is always a pleasure to see the young ones here on the farm. We have a great arrangement with our neighbors.  They manage their herd of Angus cows and bulls, and we buy the calves from them each spring and fall as the weaned calves are ready.  We raise the calves for the next year and a half until they are fully grown and ready for butchering.  It helps each farm to focus on one aspect of cattle rearing.  And the situation suits the calves because… Read More

Composted Wealth

I have been building a compost pile for a few years now, waiting to have enough to justify a full day’s rental of a spreader for the tractor. I think the heap is just about right. Wealth can be measured with many different standards.  But a mound of loose, sweet compost surely deserves recognition as a kind of wealth.  I find myself sifting it through my fingers the way a TV miser pours gold coins between his hands.  And of course, keeping it in a pile is a kind of miserly hoarding. … Read More

Meet AJ, your chicken farmer

AJ is our chicken guy here at Wrong Direction Farm.  As we finish up the pasture season for chickens this week, it is a good time to recognise his work. In 2013 we gave AJ his first batch of 100 chickens to raise.  He was eight years old and the job challenged him but he enjoyed the project.  Each year since then we’ve approximately doubled the number of chickens on the farm.  This year AJ raised about 6,500 chickens in batches of 500 each.  This requires tremendous effort and responsibility, and his… Read More

Thanksgiving Turkey Update, and Farm Stuff

The response to our announced availability for Thanksgiving turkeys has been stronger than in past years.  We have already sold 60% of our inventory, so thank you! As a reminder, you may place your order for delivery this week or next week, but your turkey isn’t guaranteed until you confirm you order.  We are delivering orders the following dates: Tuesday, November 10th Tuesday, November 17th Friday, November 20th We are not doing deliveries on Tuesday November 24th because that doesn’t leave enough time for defrosting and brining a turkey if there happen to… Read More

Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Ready

Our Thanksgiving turkeys are ready! You may place your order for delivery right away or you may choose a date closer to Thanksgiving at checkout. To guarantee you get the size turkey you want, I’d recommend putting in your order soon. Besides whole birds, we also have boneless turkey breasts and breast tenderloins.  We are restocked on turkey wings, drumsticks, and ground turkey.  New this year we’ve added smoked, precooked turkey drumsticks. It has been a big year for raising turkeys on the farm and we are glad to have so much to… Read More

Pasture Raised Shakeup

I’ve been thinking this week about Perdue’s recent acquisition of the largest pasture raised chicken farm in the country.  I had a feeling this was coming, but I only heard confirmation recently. Pasturebird was the real deal, a large scale independent farm that took “pasture raised” as a serious and important aspect of everything they did. I don’t know what Perdue’s goals are, but they’ll certainly be working to grow the business further. Their prices are currently a bit higher per pound than ours, but I’m sure they’ll apply the vast vertically… Read More

Dig This

Five years ago I wrote about digging 1500 feet of trench for buried water lines.  It turns out that on the same exact day this year I was at it again, only this time we placed 1800 feet of pipe, five hydrants, and roughed in the plumbing for one water trough.  I’d gladly take credit for getting better in my old age, but the truth is that the kids are becoming more useful so they contributed to the efficiency of the work. This project is long overdue, but getting weather and time… Read More