Cutting Down An Old Apple Tree: Looking Back Into History, And Maybe Looking Forward.

With regret I revved the chainsaw and began removing branches from the old apple tree. A minor heartache always accompanies the elimination of tree, especially one that carries the story of long-gone farmers in its body. I am sad to see the wizened old apple tree reduced to firewood and wood chips for the garden paths. Somewhere about 1910 our side yard was planted in an orchard. Judging by stumps and the remaining trees, the orchard contained either 12 or 24 apple trees. All the remaining trees have rotted cores, implausibly remaining… Read More

Knocking Down the Smokehouse

On the steep bank just behind our house we had an old smokehouse. The roof must have been leaking a long time ago, because even though it was re-roofed with tin about 20 years ago, the rafters and floor were full of rot. This year we noticed that as the wood foundation beams decomposed, the whole thing was in the process of slouching down the hill. It was time for it to go. We never used the smokehouse for its intended purpose, or really any purpose, because it was already in sorry… Read More

Introduction to Wrong Direction Farm

Welcome to Wrong Direction Farm. I’m Dave your farmer, and I’d like to tell you about our farm and why this is such a special place.