Dave Perozzi

Logging Day

In the forest someone’s whispering to a tree now This is all I am so please don’t follow me And its your brother in the shaft that I’m a-swinging please let the kindness of forgetting set me free – Kristian Mattson, The Tallest Man on Earth Yesterday was a perfect day for working on logging …

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Transitioning Piglets

We like to transition weaned piglets with clabbered milk before giving them the whey that the rest of the herd drinks.  Piglets do better with the extra fat provided by whole milk.  After a few weeks on milk they can make the switch to whey without a hitch.

Goodbye Ash Trees

The ash trees in our part of NY are dying. Emerald Ash Borers (EAB) have been killing them.  Since the unintentional introduction of the Emerald Ash Borers from Asia in 1990’s, the infestation has spread rapidly.  Many foresters believe that a total irradication of the North American ash species may result.  During our first summer on …

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