Glaze Ice Morning

Ice Twig
Reptilian ice scales

Some winter mornings the chore routine is a brutally cold experience, something to be pushed through as quickly as possible.  But not today.  This morning everything was covered by a thick ice coating, transforming each object into a sparkling alternate of itself.  There was a little snow under the crust and as long as I stuck to untrodden paths there was enough traction to get around.  The only trouble the ice made was in weighing down the polywire fences into droopy catenaries, so I had to go along the fences and lift the saggy sections.

Barb wire near the mailbox
Ice on the tractor chains
Ice on the tractor chains
Frozen whiskers on the hay bales
Frozen whiskers on the hay bales
Even glazed cow turds...
Even glazed cow turds…

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