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Pasture raised turkey breast recipe shown sliced on a platter.
Pasture Raised TurkeysRecipes

Kimchi Brined Turkey Breast with Kimchi and Herb Sauce

Turkey, particularly the white meat, seems always to do well when brined in the juice from naturally fermented vegetables. I stumbled into this idea with my Fried Turkey Wings recipe. At first, I thought I had discovered something new. But …

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Pasture Farming

Turning the Farming Clock

Six months ago I was enthusiastically reporting the beginning of our poultry season. And now we’re at the end of the poultry season. Turn, turn, turn. This Thursday, well before daylight, Rachel and I loaded the year’s final batch of …

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Grass fed cattle walking by an ATV parked in a pasture at Wrong Direction Farm
Farm Life

How We Set Up an ATV for Rotational Grazing

This spring we bought a secondhand ATV to replace our old, beat-to-death machine. We’ve found that a four wheeler, properly set up, makes a tremendous difference in our efficiency for all sorts of daily tasks related to rotational grazing for …

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Behind the ScenesGrass Fed Beef

Building a Fenceline Feeder for Mud Season

It’s a pleasure to check another job off the list, particularly one that’s been in the works for a few years. This week I finished construction on a mud-season feeding area for our cattle. From late April through November our …

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Organic turkeys on pasture at Wrong Direction Farm at sunset.
Pasture Raised Turkeys

Thanksgiving Turkeys Are Here

We’re glad to let you know that our Certified Organic, pasture raised turkeys are ready for this Thanksgiving. We’ll be offering them through the weekend before Thanksgiving. We raised plenty of extra turkeys this year so I don’t expect to …

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Grass Fed BeefPasture Farming

Trampling Grass for Good

You’d be forgiven if you looked at our pasture after the cow herd moved across it and thought, “This can’t be good.” The field looks like it’s been been run over by a steam roller. But I want to make …

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Turkey on pasture at Wrong Direction Farm
Farm Life

Is This a Regenerative Farm?

Sometimes people ask if we’re a regenerative farm. Depending on the clues I have about the intent of question I’m receiving, I might answer with a straightforward “Yes, we are!” But if I get the impression that the person is …

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Grass fed and grass finished skirt steak from Wrong Direction Farm. Shown roasted with a balsamic glaze on a plate served along with brussels sprouts.

Recipe: Black Steel Roasted Grass Fed Skirt Steak with a Balsamic and Rosemary Glaze

Our grass fed and grass finished Skirt Steak is a supremely flavorful cut, but because it is thin it cooks really quickly over high heat. It only requires a few minutes in a simple steel or cast iron pan. So …

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Farm Life

Undoing Someone’s Hard Work

Whenever I’m involved in a project of deconstruction, I feel a pang of sympathy for the folks who originally put in all that effort to bring something new into the world. Whether I’m prying rotted boards off a building or …

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Grass finished beef cattle grazing hedgerow in a pasture at Wrong Direction Farm in NY.
Grass Fed Beef

What Grass Finished Cattle Look Like

We’ve talked a lot about what we mean by grass fed and grass finished, but it might be helpful to show some photos to illustrate what we mean when we judge that a steer or heifer is at the stage …

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