The Gardens in June

We maintain two gardens as well various bits of other plantings.  The two are known as the side garden and the strip garden. Enjoy this glimpse, and if you are in the neighborhood sometime, feel free to stop by and help me weed.  

The Gardens of 2014

The snows have come and except for the lingering kale, the gardens are at rest. We had a good season. We packed a freezer with produce to use through the winter. We canned 70+ quarts of tomatoes and numerous fermented items.  Most exciting to me, I finally feel like I know what I’m doing.  Much of my desire for the novel and risky has been satiated so that I look forward to producing an abundance of the food that will fit  well with my family. The end of one growing season begins… Read More

Garlic and Snow

A gardener and general outdoor enthusiast in New Jersey gave us a box of garlic bulbils he collected from his patch. He has been growing this variety since the mid 1980’s when he acquired it from an old Polish gardener. So Dave tilled a strip six feet wide by 80 feet a few weeks ago, and Harry and I planted at least a thousand bulbils. We knew a storm was on the way, and we were just able to get the bed covered in mulch before the blanket of snow. We welcomed… Read More

End of Harvest

The flurry of harvesting is nearly over. The garden has browned and crumpled, the winter kale has stopped growing, and the tail end of the harvest is in the kitchen waiting to be put away. . The last of the apples are landing in baskets and boxes, and pies, and crisps, and sauce, and jelly and dehydrated slices. The pantry is full. We are ready for the season of stews and slow roasts, warm bread and pies.

Compost and Apple Harvest

The 6 foot wide strip garden we put in this summer is about finished producing. We have some late tomatoes still coming on, the popcorn and sunflowers are drying on their stalks, and the coriander seeds are maturing. This past week a chicken got run over on the road.  The considerate man got out of his dump truck to tell us about it.  Turns out he was removing manure from a neighbor’s winter cow barn. We ended up getting three loads of very rich dirt to spread over the garden. We have… Read More


The gardens are flourishing, and we have been enjoying the bounty. I haven’t harvested enough to begin any large scale canning, but the tomatoes are just starting to turn red.  If we get a few more warm days, I’ll be making sauce soon. We have harvested enough to fill our plates and put a few cans of fermented goodness away. A pepper relish. A corn treat. Loads of pickles. Carrots and Pole Beans. And we’ve been experimenting with jams and jellies. We picked 50 pounds of blueberries at Ingall’s Blueberry Hill in… Read More

A Day In The Life

A friend asked yesterday if I would map out a typical day in the life of our farm. Each season has a different rhythm; I enjoy summer’s most. Getting up with the sun, working in the garden, seeing fantastic looking bugs, finding some new flower in the fields, feeling the cool breeze blowing up the hill, watching the piglets snuffle for food, the pigs wallow in the mud, the cows waiting for their new paddock, the sheep running along beside the four wheeler, and the chickens chasing bugs or stealing scraps from… Read More

Hope of Harvest

Summer is here in full force, and we are beginning to anticipate the harvest. I walk through my gardens in hope, enjoying the promise and anticipating the rush of putting up. Take a photo tour of a few of the plants with me. As a result of the kids’ interest in the American Indian custom of the Three Sisters, we planted corn, beans and squash (or melon in our case) together. This is the Long Thai Purple Podded Yard bean. Fisher’s Earliest Sweet Corn Kabouli Black Garbanzo The taller plants are Titan… Read More

Mucky Garden and Unwelcome Predator

The sun shone beautifully yesterday for the first time in a long time. Today we are back to steady rain with more and heavier in the forecast. We got our garden in a few weeks ago. Allie planted her row of strawberries. Despite the over abundance of water and the pesky hens’ attempts to scratch up the entire thing, the garden is growing. . . We’ve been taking armed midnight walks out to the chicken tractors to see if we can catch the critter that has been killing our birds.  15 of… Read More

Saturday Sowing

Garden planning takes place in the dead of winter, so my ordering may have gone overboard  as I longed for spring. In no time, I filled the 30ft x 40ft plot Dave prepared for me and had quite a few seeds left over. We also wanted space to grow lots of pumpkins for the pigs, so we had a 650ft x 6ft strip tilled along the top edge of one of our pastures. Today we planted it. Dave used the tiller to help in some spots and got out his seeder for… Read More