3rd Annual Pig Roast

Each summer since 2012, we have invited Dave’s family up for a pig roast.  All but the the aged, pregnant, infant or wimpy camp out.  The eight cousins all 9 and younger enjoy getting filthy, shooting arrows and guns and eating all the desserts Grandmom brings. The adults get hungrier and hungrier as the pig roasts. Dave did a great job bringing the pig to a perfect golden brown with crispy skin.                              

A Day In The Life

A friend asked yesterday if I would map out a typical day in the life of our farm. Each season has a different rhythm; I enjoy summer’s most. Getting up with the sun, working in the garden, seeing fantastic looking bugs, finding some new flower in the fields, feeling the cool breeze blowing up the hill, watching the piglets snuffle for food, the pigs wallow in the mud, the cows waiting for their new paddock, the sheep running along beside the four wheeler, and the chickens chasing bugs or stealing scraps from… Read More

2nd Annual Pig Roast

Dave’s family from New Jersey joined us this week for our 2nd pig roast. Last week we barely made it through the mud, but we loaded up the chosen pig and hauled her off to the butcher. She came back hairless and gutted.  We did the rest. Dave and Andrew broke open the pig along its spine. For the marinade, we used lots of salt, garlic, lemon, lime and orange  juice. Mom and Leah were the garlic peelers. Dave welded a rack and built a roaster. Dad and Amos helped Dave secure… Read More

More Visitors

In summer our house seems to become a retreat center with all the guests we have. It is a lot of fun to show the farm to others and share work and meals.  This past weekend we got to meet some new friends (thanks again to the Rainbows). Katie is a lovely, practical domestic goddess and her husband is a middle school principal in New Jersey. They intend to start a school one day that is both high tech and agrarian. We worked and we played together.  Here you see all the… Read More

Old Friends and New

Friday night the Rainbows brought Iris and Thomas to the farm for a quick visit. Thomas is an environmental historian completing his dissertation in history at NYU this year. The name of his dissertation? “Three Little Pigs: Development, Pollution, and the ‘Greening’ of East Germany, 1970-1989” He and Iris jumped right in to the farm life and were delightful to have. Iris got to do a bit of shepherding escaped sheep and hog whispering and Thomas got his hands dirty moving pigs and installing whey lines. The kids, of course, found plenty… Read More

Hard Luck And Good Music

Occasionally one of the pigs will develop a problem that requires us to harvest the meat prematurely. We keep a close eye on them so we can act quickly. Last week, we had a pig with a rectal prolapse.  Ugly and painful, but not infected. Once the meat was cooled, we needed to find a way to prepare it–but what fun is there in eating a whole pig by yourself? So DP cut it up, I made pulled pork and we took it to a Rocky Top Concert potluck dinner where Deborah… Read More

The Cousins Come

The kids were excited to see their cousins come for a visit today. They played some ball, visited the animals and played pig rodeo–a delightfully funny game to watch. Until next time….

A Visit from the Rainbows

The Rainbows returned this week and brought lots of fun and laughter into our home. Dave helped again with the bull calf management. Brady baked bread and bagels. She also helped me set up trotters and chops as well as cook some chops and steaks. The kids explored the farm, rode bikes, played soccer, chased chickens and got dirty. We love the Rainbows!