Pasture Raised Chicken and Grass Fed Beef: Home Delivery in New York

Our farm has been delivering to customers in NY since 2012. When we started farming we’d drive an old van with freezers in the back on weekends and meet up with groups of customers in driveways, parks, and parking lots. It worked, but it wasn’t a very convenient arrangement. Traffic jams, flat tires, and a few engine breakdowns made us realize that home delivery was the way to go.

These days we’ve improved the convenience of delivery by shipping our products next-day door to door. Everything arrives frozen and packed in a fully recyclable box. Since we are so close by, we can reliably get our farm’s grass fed and pasture raised meat to your home anywhere in New York state within just one day, so you don’t need to worry about extended shipping delays. We’re located in Central NY in the Mohawk Valley, so we can get packages from our farm to your door anywhere in the state right away.

We think that having a regional food system within our home state is important. When food is produced and consumed within a local area, it encourages the accountability of farmers and consumers to each other. Raising grass fed beef and pasture raised chickens and turkeys just a few hours from your house is an improvement over shipping commodities across the country or even across the world. And we should add that our farm is located on some of the best grass pastureland imaginable. We grow great pastures year after year, without the need for irrigation or tillage. This prime grazing land contributes to the rich taste of all our meat.

We love to farm, we love to eat, and we love to connect people with their food. We would be glad to be your farmers. At Wrong Direction Farm, we take steps in the opposite direction of where the food industry is going. We don’t measure success in quarterly profits; we measure it in soil full of earthworms, in meals enjoyed with friends, in satisfaction after hard work.

Photo of Rachel and Dave Perozzi at the farm

Rachel and Dave Perozzi

Farmers at Wrong Direction Farm

Farmer Dave at Wrong Direction Farm with some certified organic, pasture raised chickens out in the grass.

The Farm

We farm in Canajoharie, NY with a broad hilltop view overlooking the Mohawk Valley. Our farm is a family endeavor that grew from a simple desire to put better food on our own table. We pasture raise certified organic chickens and turkeys along with grazing a herd of grass fed beef cattle.

Raising pastured poultry has its challenges, but we find it is always worthwhile for the regenerative benefits to our land. Try some grass fed and pasture raised meat sent right off our farm to your doorstep anywhere in NY.


There’s so much to say here. We take pasture raised seriously. Our chickens and turkeys are always on the move on fresh grass, with 100% Certified Organic feed, and no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, hormones, or antibiotics.

Certified organic, pasture raised chicken and turkey and grass fed beef delivered to your home in NY.


We deliver our farm’s certified organic, pasture raised chicken and turkey and our grass fed, grass finished beef directly from our farm to your home anywhere in New York. Everything arrives frozen even during the hottest weather, packed neatly in a recyclable paper-based container.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Dave and Rachel and their farm are amazing. There is nothing like having a connection to the people who provide your food. I have full confidence in Dave and Rachel’s thoughtful, thorough and well researched practices in maintaining the best standards in raising their animals in the most humane and ethical manner.

— Shana, Google Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have noticed the quality in taste of their poultry and meats, their products are richer in taste compared to regular supermarket meats and poultry. Their delivery service is quick and have always been complete.

— Gloria, Google Review

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