Grass Fed Butter – Salted

$15.50/lb Avg 1.0 lbs

One pound of premium salted butter made with milk from 100% grass fed cattle.

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This is a premium sweet cream butter. Because the butterfat is higher than most other butters, the taste is noticeably better.

The cream comes from Family Farmstead Dairy just south of us in Worcester, NY and it is churned at Kriemhild Dairy in Hamilton, NY. Tom McGrath and his family run a Certified Organic dairy based on 100% grass fed practices. Unlike all the “grass fed” butter available in the grocery stores (especially all the deceptively-labeled butters coming out of Ireland), this is actually from 100% grass fed cows.

Salted Meadow Butter has a 1 year shelf life stored in the freezer and six months stored under refrigeration.

Ingredients: Pasteurized sweet cream, salt.

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