Pastured Pork Feet

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Two feet from pasture raised pigs.

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Two feet, also known as trotters, from pasture raised pigs. Pig feet are an astoundingly rich source of collagen, so they are prized for soups and broth. A slow cooked foot will add gelatin to thin broths. Pig’s feet are a chef’s secret tool.

Beyond their culinary uses in human food, people with large dogs find that a pig’s foot is large enough to provide a long-lasting chew treat for canine dental and digestive maintenance.

All our pork comes from our good friends at Cairncrest Farm. We’ve found that we have very compatible goals and farming practices, so we are happy to have them as a partner for pasture raised pork. Pigs are animals that thrive in an outdoor environment, where they can root in the ground and sprawl in the sun. And consequently you’ll find that this pork is unlike other pork. The meat has developed character because of the active and healthy lives these pigs live. All the pigs’ grains are non-GMO (grown right here in our town actually) and of course the pigs are free of antibiotics and hormones.

We offer delivery of our family farmed meats throughout the Northeast, shipped to your door in recyclable insulated containers. Our delivery area includes New York City, Long Island, New York stateNew Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

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