Salt City Black Garlic Flake Salt 1.5 oz


1.5 oz jar of locally produced gourmet salt flakes with fermented garlic seasoning.

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Produced right here by Syracuse Salt Co. To make black garlic salt, they use their flagship local Salt City Flake salt, and infuse it with Korean-style fermented garlic from Piacentino Farms from Utica, NY. The result is a more pungent garlic flavor, but with a sweet balsamic-y finish. Perfect for the garlic lover, and a way to punch up anything in the kitchen.

From a brine well more than 280 feet underground comes this clean and crisp flake salt loaded with healthy minerals just waiting to dress up your food. The brine comes from the deep waters flowing below ground from the South of Syracuse, dissolving salt along the way like it has for thousands of years.

In order to produce this beautiful flake, they evaporate the water slowly, leaving behind a pure, snow white flake loaded with minerals. It is sifted to a uniform size and hand packed for your use. As an added benefit, because the salt comes from a well, there is no risk of micro-plastics as with some sea salts.

Ingredients: Salt City Flake Salt, Piacentino Farms Black Garlic

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