Welcome West Wind Acres Customers

Farmer Rachel with her herd of grass fed beef cattle at Wrong Direction Farm

Introducing Wrong Direction Farm

Welcome West Wind Acres Customers Looking for a Local Farm

When West Wind Acres closed in the fall of 2021, owners Josh and Stef wanted their long-time customers to have an option to continue purchasing high quality meat from a local farmer.

They are recommending our farm, Wrong Direction Farm, as the best source for grass fed beef and pasture raised chicken, turkey, and pork.

We understand that buying from a farmer is about more than just the transaction. It is a relationship. Allow us to introduce our farm…

Learn More About Wrong Direction Farm

Grass Fed Matters

We believe that there’s nothing that comes close to grass fed beef, whether we’re talking about what’s good for you, for the land, or for the way the cattle are raised. Learn more about Grass Fed Beef on our farm.

Farmer Dave on grass with certified organic, pasture raised chickens.

Organic, Pasture Raised

Our chickens and turkeys are several steps beyond what you can find elsewhere. Not only are they raised outside on green pastures, all their feed is 100% certified organic. Learn more about our Pasture Raised Poultry.

Delivery to Your Door

We deliver your order right to your home anywhere in New York or elsewhere in the Northeast. Your packages will arrive frozen, packed in fully recyclable insulated boxes. Learn more about our Home Delivery.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I have been ordering meat and poultry from Wrong Direction Farm for over 4 years now. The taste and quality of their products are far above anything that can be bought in a grocery store. I get a lot of happiness knowing exactly where my meat is coming from and that the animals are being treated so well. Dave and Rachel put a lot of time and love into their farm and it shows in the quality of the products they produce!

Mary R., Google Review

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