Early Spring

Spring is here, and we are all happy to be outside more.  Everything seems to be about preparation this week.  Preparing to send the animals out to pasture, preparing the garden for early crops, gathering the needed fencing and feed and equipment. Our ducks got held up in the mail again and only five were living when they arrived. Allie is their caregiver this year, and she is diligently keeping the last two alive.  We put our two older groups of cattle together without any excitement, and we have been keeping our… Read More

Aw, Nuts! The Bulls Become Steers

Curious about the nitty gritty on the farm?  If you can stomach it, come along and see what happened here today. Castration might make you squirm, but it only takes a few minutes and it is absolutely necessary in maintaining (containing) a herd. The pictures tell the story: let’s go! Thanks to Dave Rainbow for helping farmer Dave while I took pictures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The Newest Bovines

Yesterday Dave went to an auction to buy some heifers he had previewed a few weeks ago.  Three of these ladies are due to give birth in June.  One is a stocker for meat. They came off the truck at a run and covered in dried mud. Our herd greeted them with bellows from another pasture, and the pigs were quick to get to know the new girls. We will let them get familiar with the place for another week before introducing the other cattle. Once they have learned to get along,… Read More