Rachel Perozzi

We raise Pasture Raised Chickens and Turkeys and Grass Fed Beef on our Farm in Upstate New York. Delivering to homes all over the Northeast every week.

Gardening Bits

If garden weeds make you squeamish, stop here.  My one woman campaign against 6000 square feet of them hasn’t gone well, but we have harvested enough vegetables to make a significant difference in the grocery bill. My haphazard techniques have come back to haunt me in a variety of ways, but I’ve gotten enough experience …

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Drying Herbs

I have a small dehydrator I have kept going just about every day this summer.  Mint, parsley, chamomile, thyme, oregano, lavender, rosemary, tarragon, basil and whatever else I feel like makes its way in. I realized this week it is a simple enough job that I can hand it all over to the kids. They …

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Fire and Ice

On nights like this when it is going down to -20 degrees and the wind is gusting at 40mph, we welcome heat in any form we can get it.  Of course there is the wood stove, but it’s nice to have supplemental heat from a bottle, too.

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