First Calf of the Season

I look forward one day to witnessing the birth of a calf.  I often arrive just moments after a cow has delivered, or I notice a cow is in labor as I’m heading out for an appointment.  Our cow Night Shade (Harry named her) delivered her baby earlier this month during a particularly busy morning for us.  We watched the beginning stages and were delighted later to find a healthy red calf.

The calf is coming! But not yet. Sometimes the bag presents a couple of hours before the calf is delivered.
DSCF3128calf being cleaned
The little bull was still getting cleaned up when I arrived.
A little wobbly, he goes in search of milk.
DSCF3123calf drinking
The newest calf finds a meal while one of last year’s calves looks on resentfully.
DSCF3118calf and mama
He’s the first of 10 that we are expecting this summer.

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