A Small Egg Problem With Small Eggs

“It has, I believe, been often remarked, that a hen is only an egg’s way of making another egg. Every creature must be allowed to “run” its own development in its own way; the egg’s way may seem a very roundabout manner of doing things; but it IS its way, and it is one of which man, upon the whole, has no great reason to complain.”  Samuel Butler, Life and Habit

We’re in a transition with our eggs.  Chicken eggs increase in size as the hens age, but older hens lay fewer eggs.  We have two flocks, one just beginning to lay small eggs and one that is cranking out large eggs, some so big they don’t fit in the cartons.

Egg Sizes Labeled
At the beginning of the season we sell medium through jumbo.  In another few weeks, the hens will have graduated out of mediums and moved on to larges.

At this time of the year we are overrun in small and pewee sized eggs.  They are too small to sell, so we give many away.  Larger scale egg farms have “breakers” to process small or ugly eggs into liquid egg products, but that kind of equipment requires tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in investment, certainly well beyond our scope.

I’ve been doing my best to stem the tide of small eggs by eating as many as I can, but I’m only good for a little more than a dozen each day.  Fried, scrambled, omeletted, pickled, and whipped into mayonnaise; I’m not complaining about that.  In the entire scale of problems to have, this one is about a good as it gets.

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    1. Powdered eggs, reconstituted (it seems with chalk mixed in), then left to languish for hours in the chafing dishes. There’s nothing good about fake eggs at hotels. Served with burnt coffee, concentrated orange juice, ultra pasteurized milk, sugary low fat yogurt, and fully synthetic muffins. And there’s always a few apples and bananas, no wait, are they plastic decorations?

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