Good Grass Day

The cattle started their intensive grazing early this morning.  We’ve had green grass for more than a month (greenup was early this year), but it took a long time for the forage to accumulate much volume.  We have been moving the cattle through very large fields, allowing them to cherry pick the early spring grass.  But now that the pastures are starting to hit their growth spurt, we’re bunching the cattle into a tighter group and moving them to fresh grass twice a day.  We’ll keep that routine going until we run out of grass in the winter when we switch them back to hay.

Rainy Grazing
Pouring rain on this hazy afternoon.  The cattle don’t mind.  They get right to business, entering the next paddock noses down.
Rainy Grazing 2
The one week old calves (little black and red calves on the left) pick up on cues from the herd and start grazing right away, even though their rumens haven’t developed to the point where they can get much sustenance from grass.

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