Hilling Taters

We’ve been experimenting with hilling discs in our potato patch.  Last week we tried it, but the ground was wet and the weeds matted, so the discs were just lifting sheets and then dropping them back in place, slightly disturbed.  After a few (somewhat) dry days and some light rototilling along the rows, we used the discs again.


Two rows, 140 feet long. Not enough to sustain us for a year, but we’re getting closer to our goal of providing the majority of our foodstuffs. The row on the right is sparse in spots but most of the plants look fine. Although thus far we’ve only had minor bug problems, it’s time to start vigilant Potato Beetle patrols.

It took several adjustments to work out the optimal ground speed and cutting width, but with practice we got good results.  It got me thinking about building a two-row toolbar to run two sets of discs so I could gather hilling material from a wider swath instead of making multiple trips up and down the row.  The effort and cost wouldn’t be tremendous, but it probably isn’t worth it for as small a potato crop as we grow.  Still, it is fun to dream up garden implements.

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